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R/t 770 Enclosure Series 12-INCH Single Sealed Bass Speaker Box

Rt 770 Enclosure Series 12INCH Single

R/T Enterprises

ASIN: B001M5F93U
Model: 771-12c ch
UPS: 758003010358

In case you are searching for a speaker box We have put together some information. The R/t 770 Enclosure Series 12-INCH Single manufactured by R/t Enterprises is the right solution! A list of feature characteristics include easy hook up terminal cups, constructed in premium 3/4" mdf and 15. 5"w x 13. 5"h x 14. 5"d. Buying a R/t 770 Enclosure Series 12-INCH Single, click the weblink below.

Every R/T enclosure is constructed with"Tri-Lock"joint re-enforcement. This insures a sturdy lasting joint for competition sound pressure levels bringing durability for years of challenging pounding bass. Essentially probably the most crucial objective in creating an airtight enclosure is solid long lasting joints. It might be talked about that this is what separates R/T from the rest in the boxes available on the industry these days. Tri-Lock consists of GLUE, STAPLES, and CAULK. It is completed by means of a"triple step"joint construction strategy known as Tri-Lock.


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