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R/t 770 Enclosure Series 10-INCH Dual Sealed Bass Speaker Box

Rt 770 Enclosure Series 10INCH Dual

R/T Enterprises

ASIN: B001M5KB38
Model: 770-10c ch
UPS: 758003010426
Package Quantity: 1

Blast the music with the R/t 770 Enclosure, a great speaker box manufactured by R/t Enterprises. A summary of characteristics are 75 cu. ft. air space per chamber, 26"w x 11. 5"h x 12. 5"d and constructed in premium 3/4" mdf. The speaker box has got a weight of 31 lbs. How to buy the Rt 770 Enclosure Series 10INCH Dual.

Every R/T enclosure is constructed with"Tri-Lock"joint re-enforcement. Tri-Lock consists of GLUE, STAPLES, and CAULK. This insures a strong lasting joint for competitors sound pressure levels bringing durability for years of hard pounding bass. One from a single of the most essential objective in developing an airtight enclosure is solid long lasting joints. It is completed by way of a"triple step"joint construction approach named Tri-Lock. It could possibly be mentioned that this is what separates R/T from the rest of the boxes obtainable on the market spot today.


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