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Pyramid PMB69MT 6-INCH X 9-INCH Carpeted Cabinets

Pyramid PMB69MT 6INCH X 9INCH Carpeted

Sound Around

Model: PMB69MT
UPS: 068888707022
Package Quantity: 1

Interested in a enclosure for the car audio speakers? Look at the Pyramid PMB69MT 6-INCH X 9-INCH Carpeted, a great speaker box from Sound Around. The special features are 8. 75"h x 11. 25"w x 5. 5"d, terminal cups, complete pair per system and 200w max. 068888707022 is the barcode for this product. The enclosure is 7.5" Height x 14.75" Length x 12.5" Width. It weighs approximately 8.65 lbs. Best price Pyramid PMB69MT 6-INCH X 9-INCH Carpeted. To see the low price I discovered, visit the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

Pyramid Car Audio prides itself as getting the most affordable solution to car audio. The PMB59MT features two 6x9 speaker boxes which are carpeted for a finished appear. Not only do they make best with all of the line automobile audio items but in addition the boxes to hold them.


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