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R/t Genuine Speaker Grill Cloth/lignt GRAY-1 Linear Yard (66 X36 )

Genuine Speaker Grill Clothlignt GRAY1


ASIN: B001PQ744S
MPN: 7-RT-004
UPS: 758003014028

In case you are searching for a speaker box We have put together some information. The Genuine Speaker Grill Cloth/lignt GRAY-1 manufactured by R/t is the right solution! A list of feature characteristics include accoustically transparent, double stretch grill cloth and uv treated for long life. Shopping for Genuine Speaker Grill Cloth/lignt GRAY-1, click the weblink below.

Double stretch grill cloth. It is accoustically transparent, which means sound waves travel right through it completely uninhibited, which is extremely important to good sound good quality! This material is the exact truly same product utilized by high finish speaker manufacturers! UV treated for long life!


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